XXXY is an incremental game, where your main goal is to upgrade stats of your humans. 

Things that will help you with that:

  • replace your couple with human with highter stats
  • sell humans with lower stats and earn points
  • spend points to unlock boxes to store more humans
  • send your humans to farm to grow plants
  • harvest plants to obtain  food 
  • spend your food for activatable skills to boost your spawnrate


There may be problems between versions, so if you cannot load your save try to start a new game

StatusIn development
Made withPhaser
Tagsidle, incremental, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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This game is silly and fun.  I keep wondering, are they ever going to learn to put on some clothes? =)

I wish the auto sell/replace features ran about 3x faster, and also that they'd affect the second tab as well (or at least not sell people that could help there).


fun game! thank you


Aww, it's nice to hear it. Thank you!


Nu chto tut eshe skazati
Slava Shulinu!


XXXY slava!