8/19/2019 Update



  • selectable harvest type (corn, berry and apple) in panel with detailed information in Farm scene
  • cooldown on "speed up" button: I had to get rid of this "just click one button as fast as you can" thing
  • offline progress
  • harvest in now saving between game session either


  • increased time to auto spawn (from 5 to 10 secs), decreased price of instant spawn skill
  • made ultimate skill autoreplace and autosell every of 12 cycles and slowed it down a bit
  • rebalanced farm human box and harvest spot unlock prices, added some more farm human boxes
  • increased stats of spawning human


  • fixed incorrect timer display of 1 minute (it was 0:60)
  • synced color of unlock price and unlock state itself for human boxes
  • blocked instant spawn skill button if there's no free box
  • made "spawners" not draggable
  • made game start after fonts are loaded
  • expended "add harvest to harvest spot" area - only the plus icon was clickable

Also I'd like to thank friendly people in discord chanel of r/incremental_games. You gave me a lot of precious feedback and it's very important to me. Some bugs are fixed and some features are done only because of you.

Nevertheless, I'll be glad to get feedback there, so I'm looking forward for your comment.

I hope you enjoy :)

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